Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sa-ca-reee-nuh-gol-puh (Screen Golf)

Since playing 18 holes real-live golf costs about $400 in Korea, we decided to try out the very popular screen golf.

Screen golf is private rooms (much like karaoke) where you can play virtual golf for about $7.50/hr. The privacy is nice, especially when you are doing terribly and don't want strangers to see you cry.

There are real clubs and balls, but you hit them into a huge screen projecting a computer program simulating 9 holes of golf. There are lasers sensors above you that track your movements and --the best part---a mechanical robot arm that tees the balls for you!

We are headed to Tokyo, Japan tomorrow, so stay tuned for a post about that next week.


  1. You guys look like naturals playing screen golf. Maybe we need a 2 on 2 challenge soon.

    We didn't figure out how to get e-mail notifications, but we were able to subscribe to your blog's RSS, so we should be on top of it now.

  2. You should have tried the GolfAchiever installation sites as they are more accurate and have better play flow.


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