Thursday, April 16, 2009

Classroom Impressions, Volume 2: Essay Edition

On life cycles: "Alligators are first born in egg.  Then alligator hatches.  Trust me when alligator hatches it looks cute.  But when it becomes an adult it's a disaster." 

On digestion: "Second, I want to tell you about intestine. Intestine is 2 kind. Intestine make food dirty. Large intestine make dung and small intestine make pee."

On insects: "I saw a centipede in my house.  It hased many short legs.  It body was very long.  Scared! Oh no!!! Goose Bumps!"

Topic: Write a five paragraph essay telling me about three wishes you would ask a magic genie

Response:  "I can draw pictures and nice PE And i can nice sister."

On future aspirations: "I want to be police man. I want to get bed gas." (bad guys)



  1. sweet moves! and students, your students are blossoming in their English! Congrats

  2. seriously, chris, teach them the right word for shit.


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