Monday, April 13, 2009

The Last Thing You Ever See...

A few weeks ago, we visited our friends Rob and Jean in Gurye for the Sansuyu Flower Festival. Gurye is a tiny farming village up in the mountains in the southern part of South Korea. In spring, the entire area is supposed to be covered in bright yellow sansuyu blossoms, but I guess they forgot to tell that to the flowers this year.

These may not actually be Sansuyu flowers, but they are yellow.

We did get to enjoy some of the local entertainment though (make sure you watch the whole thing):

Laura was too enraptured by 'her' performance (who can blame her though, right?), so she didn't notice when the singer jumped on some seats to give Laura a closer view of the action. After the song was over, she interviewed Laura in Korean, much to the delight of the rest of the audience.

Here's another video of some kids laying down some block-rocking beats and wearing spinning hats:

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  1. Laura, you've got to remember that stuff is not just happening inside of the camera!

    What was the woman giving the singer such a hard time about? I admire any festival where performers can get into awkward semi-fights with the audience members while on stage.


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