Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Classroom Impressions, Volume 3: Wednesday Edition

During a quiz to see who will line up first:
Teacher: How do you spell "delicious"?
Student: ME!! Teacher me!!! Teacher!!!
Teacher: Yes?
Student: Hamburger.

On a persuasive essay about how dogs are better than cats:

"Sometimes I can't sleep because I am thinking about how cute dogs are."

A hypochondriac student:

"Teacher, I don't have head-ache...I have head-BREAK!"

Teacher: Would a person's diary be a Primary Source or a Secondary Source?
Student: Pyramid Sauce.

While watching March of the Penguins

Student: (very excited) Teacher!!! Sometimes penguin is cold on outside but penguin is very warm on inside!

After learning about hardships endured by the first African American astronaut:

Teacher: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Student: Um, a teacher.
Teacher: And what would you do if I told you, you can't be a teacher because you are too tall?
Student: I would kick your ass.


  1. I like all the frequent updates lately. You guys look pretty harsh in those pictures. Also, Chris kinda looks like the Brawny man.


  3. These are all brilliant and hilarious. Maybe I should teach kids...


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