Thursday, September 2, 2010

The McCoy Siblings Visit

This July we had some awesome visitors come all the way from America to hang out with us and experience Korea for 2 weeks. Chris' brother and sister, David and Jessica, were so much fun to have around--we hated to see them go! They did so much while they were here-: visited our classes, saw a baseball game, visited temples, and all four of us even spent one weekend in Busan, a beach town in the south part of Korea.

Here's a picture story of what we did:

We read on the beach.

We acted really normal in public.

We hugged it out on the beach.

We were stared at by Korean children who, when caught staring, pretended to be sleeping.

We ate delicious Nowon ribs with gloves on because we are civilized people.

We whispered sweet nothings to our marinated ribs.

We rubbed Buddha's big belly for good luck.

We bravely ate live octopus at a fish market in Busan.

We ate some delicious street food (with tongs apparently) in the early morning hours.

And of course we did karaoke.

Thank you to David and Jessica for visiting--you are welcome back any time!

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