Sunday, August 8, 2010

Drama Festa

We're back! After a long and unnecessary hiatus. We hope you are all enjoying your summer, wherever you may be. Chris and I are teaching summer camp right now, but in 5 days we'll leave on a 2-week vacation to the Philippines and Thailand.

But before that, we have a lot to catch you up on!

The first semester at Sangmyeong Elementary always culminates with a Drama Festival--a 30 minute play put on in English by each grade, directed by the English teachers. Third grade performed the story of Cinderella. There were eight performances (8 different classes) of singing, dancing and cross-dressing. Here are some pictures and video of the event:

Will as a mouse.

Mouse and Prince hanging out.

Richard, Chris, and some kids.

Playing in the pumpkin carriage.

Cinderella and the (not so) evil stepsisters.


The audience patiently waiting.

Laura and 2 fairies, Cindy and Andrew.

The costumes got a little hot.

A perfect fit! "I ____ you. Will you ____ me?"

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