Thursday, December 9, 2010

American Thanksgiving in Korea

Our first year in Korea (2008), we celebrated thanksgiving with Kimchi and squid pancakes. Last year, we were at my Aunt's house in Houston surrounded by family and homemade traditional eats. This year, our last in Korea, we weren't lucky enough to be home with family so we wanted to do Thanksgiving in Korea right--this time with a real turkey. We bought a pre-cooked 14 pound gobbler from the US Army base's restaurant for 50 bucks to share with 4 other friends. Everyone contributed several side dishes and we ended up with two tables overloaded with food that included two kinds of stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, green bean casserole, squash, cranberries, carrot curry soup and for dessert, cranberry ice and pumpkin ice cream. The party came to an end 14 hours later, but not before we enjoyed some traditional pre-dawn, post-karaoke turkey sandwiches. Here are some pictures of the epic celebration:

Chris arrives from Central Seoul with our guest of honor in a cardboard box and we all get a little emotional.

Chris posing with the turkey.

What a delicious spread! Great job guys! A round of applause for ourselves.

A framable picture if I ever saw one.

We paused eating to give Kicky some pets.

The gang!

The gang experiments with the camera's timer.

Meet Meg and Alyna. With our powers combined, we are....Alaureg. Love these girls.

Can you find Kicky? She can find you.

Next stop, karaoke. The men serenade us.

The ladies class up the joint.

Richard and Alyna show us how its done.

Laura, Chris and Adam have their thinking caps on searching for song titles.

This year I'm thankful for 14 hour Thanksgiving parties, friends and family back home who I miss this holiday season, and for my friends Richard, Alyna, Meg and Adam for making my last American Thanksgiving in Korea unforgettable.

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