Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Alliteration Assignment Accomplished by Astute Adolescents

Today I (Laura) taught a lesson on alliteration to my 3rd graders. Here are some of the poems they came up with:

S by Sally

Sally sells shells

Sally asks her parents

Shall I eat shells?

Sally's parents said, "Certainly not, silly!

Let's eat spicy salmon."

"Smart solution," Sally said.

Poem Formed with F by Billy

Francisco finds a friend in France

But Francisco flies to Florida

He finds french fries for a friend

A fly that flies in France finds frozen fajitas

That the fly finds fantastic

Happy Hoonie Hates Henry by Hoonie

Happy Hoonie hates Henry having a huge house

Happy Hoonie has Hacky, a hat, and a hatching chick

Happy Hoonie sees the egg hatching

And hears the chick say,

"Hello Hoonie, I am Hoonster."

Who Said Like This? by Ann

Ann ate an apple after academy

Dain's dad drives in the desert

My mom made melon milk

Francisco finds fish in France

Chris likes chocolate cake

Lemons by Lyn

Laughing lions love living lemons

Lemons don't love laughing lions

Lemons love lovely pigs

Lovely pigs love lions

Flying Flowers by Jessica

Follow flying flower

that tries to meet her handsome husband

Follow flying flowers

That are trying to find their fantastic baby

Follow flying flowers

that are living happy long, long lives

With their fantastic families

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