Saturday, October 24, 2009

Classroom Impressions, Final Youngdo Edition

Well, after 13 months, our time at YES Youngdo English School has come to an end. In a week we will be headed to the south of India on vacation for 3 weeks. Then, we will go home to the US on Thanksgiving Day for 3 months before returning to Korea for another year (at a different school). We hope to catch up with you all back in the US!

We leave you with some words of wisdom from some of the students that made our time at Youngdo so memorable.

During a conversation about nature:
"Teacher, nature's bad thing is the dung."

In an essay comparing Mexican and Korean cultures:
"I think Mexico's greeting is really strange. They match their cheek and they make sound like kiss to someone. If in Korea we do like that, we can go to police station. It's really strange. We just shake our hand or bend our back to old people. It is different."

A student was telling me about a run-in with his mom:
Hans: "Sometimes mom is nice, but sometimes mom change to devil! She is hit me! Many time!"
Laura Teacher: "Oh dear, I'm sorry. Does she hit you with her hand?"
Hans: "No--with sword! Do you see this damage?"

Our last teaching day is Tuesday, so please check back a little later for some pictures of our last day.

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