Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Classroom Impressions, Volume 4

Hello dear readers. Today marks our 365th day in Korea, so we thought we'd celebrate with a round of Classroom Impressions.

Discussing the meaning of the word "creepy"
Student 1: "Ghosts are creepy!"
Student 2: "But Teacher, sometimes ghost is cute like kitty cat."

Our students are very interested in why Chris and I are always talking to each other.
Student: "Laura Teacher and Chris Teacher is date? Go to the nightclub?"

2 boy students, Denny and Hans, were fighting one day:
Denny: "Teacher! I have very important secret! Hans is GIRL!"
Hans (getting up to throw a chair): "Congratulations, Denny--Today you are die!"

Denny: "Hans, you are a girl and you are going to have a baby!"
(Hans gets up again to throw a chair)
Denny: "No, no. Don't worry. Your baby will love you!"

Student: "Laura Teacher, I think your anger gauge is here (points to the ceiling)."

This is a picture Laura's 4th graders drew of a very strong Honeybucket (our cat). You can see Laura on the ground in green.

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