Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brandon visited us

Earlier this month, Brandon dropped by South Korea to be our best friend in the eastern hemisphere for 10 days. I think we showed him a pretty good time. He is currently in the process of debriefing here.

Here's a taste:

C&L took me to a cool barbeque place. The waitress corrected Chris's meat-cutting technique, but not mine, so I felt like a pro and made sure to rub it in.* It was at this dinner that I had my first taste of soju. It tastes a little like tequila or a sweet vodka, and has a nefarious habit of sneaking up on you. One interesting thing about most restaurants in Seoul, before I continue, is that you summon waiters by pressing a button. They are totally on demand. It is brilliant.

*We will be on hand over at McCoKorea to correct any factual errors that may pop up in Brandon's soju-drenched dispatches. For instance, no waitress ever emasculated me for shoddy meat-scissoring. IT NEVER HAPPENED, I PROMISE.


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