Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Japan Part 2, Cat Cafes

A couple of weeks ago, Chris and I traveled to Japan. It was a great vacation full of delicious food, wacky purple haired grandmas, new and old friends, and the best part of the whole trip....Cat Cafes.

While wandering down the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo, we passed a sign outside that was all in Japanese, but had pictures of cats all over it, and a map. We decided to follow the map to find the cats, but I was sure we were going to find a pet store or a pet hospital.

When we arrived at the building, we saw a sign for "Cat Cafe, 5th Floor". We got in the elevator and I started to hyperventilate. Could this be real? A cafe with LIVE cats?! While thousands of businessmen rove the streets for a venue to oogle LIVE girls, I was drooling at the chance to get my hands on some LIVE cats.

At a cat cafe, which is currently a popular phenomenon in Tokyo, you pay $5 to enter and get to enjoy your cup of coffee in a room full of cats and kittens. Upon entering, you are instructed to disinfect your hands and then pick your toy from a pile of feathers, bells and balls.

The cats were lying all over the room---just waiting to be pet. We spent an hour moving from cat to cat, and I don't think I let my smile drop the entire time. After 8 months of living without our Honeybucket, it was so nice to be around cats again.

When we got home from Japan, I learned that my family cat, Silverbell, had passed away. I'd like to think we went to the Cat Cafe for a reason...Silverbell was sending her Japanese brothers and sisters to say goodbye for her.

Cash Register


  1. best idea ever. i want to come see you guys so bad!

  2. this looks like like what I would be drooling over as well. Nothing like LIVE Cats! They all look so perfect too, groomed and well-fed...cats don't even know how lucky they are in Japan!!

  3. ps- cash register? more like CAT register! am i right?

  4. Ha! That's awesome! Not sure that would ever fly in the US.



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