Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Classroom Impressions, Volume 1

(pop quiz)
Laura Teacher: What is the biggest island in the USA?
Student: Washington DC!

(after talking about why nature is beautiful)
Student: Teacher! Important!! I think the number one not good thing about nature is the dung.

(a quiz to see who lines up first)
Laura Teacher: What language do people speak in Mexico?
Student #1: Indian!!
Student #2: Mexicanese!!
Student #3: Korean!!

(a conversation on feelings)
Laura Teacher: When do you get your feelings hurt? Everyone gets their feelings hurt sometimes, right guys?
Sensitive Student: ...often. (looks at ground)

Laura Teacher: What is the capital of Korea?
Student: Big K!

(before a spelling test)
Student: Easy test word teacher, pleaze-uh.
Laura Teacher: I think all of the words on the test are easy.
Student: But we is children! And you is woman AND teacher!

Chris Teacher: Take out a piece of paper.
Student: Pizza Paper?!


  1. omg, these kids sound hilarious. i especially enjoy the child who was sensitive.-erica

  2. Dear Laura,

    Thank you.


  3. JA JA! Pizza paper. That's pretty clever. I get a lot of that stuff too. My little ones are always confusing their "Mexicanese" and English conjugations, for example: "Teacher, when are we gonna presentate our posters," or my favorite: "Can you grap my paper?" (English - yo staple = Spanish - grapar).

    Que lindos, verdad?

  4. Big K technically is the capital of Korea, you know. I miss you guys.

  5. Kids say the darnedest things, and then it is your duty to exploit that for our entertainment!

    I love you guys and miss being around you. I must visit!

  6. When is Volume 2 coming out? I hope we don't have to wait until July or something...

  7. Sounds like magic LauraCoco! I just got back from S.America and was thinking about you a lot there. But this shit looks out of control. Can't wait to see you again.
    Love jordan

  8. I love these blogs. Helps you get a real feel for the life there and your silly students.

  9. Awwwww..... kids!

    hey I'm trying out a little teacher-blog for my students this semester-

    We miss you back in Austin.

  10. i just found this blog! you guys are awesome!

    -aaron from study abroad in chile


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