Friday, November 7, 2008

How We Halloweened

I apologize for just now getting around to posting about Halloween, but what with the time zone difference and no daylight savings time here, it's actually like 1996 in Korea.

Anyway, for Halloween, Laura dressed up as Governor Sarah Palin (or SCARE-ah Palin, since it was Halloween):

Unfortunately, it's not a very authentic costume since she isn't smeared with moose-blood and ignorance.

I went as Podongi (포동이), the mascot of our city, Anyang:

Again, not as authentic as it could be. I wanted to respect the integrity of the mascot and go pantsless, but ol' conservative family values Gov. Palin censored me and said I had to wear the shorts. [insert tasteless comment about how there could have been even more grapes]

Also, did I mention how Halloween is not celebrated at all in Korea? A bunch of us teachers dressed to go to CLUB PYSCHO, a foreigner-centric bar that was the only Halloween game in town. We tried to catch a cab, but for some reason no taxis were willing to take a chance on a (former!!) Vice-Presidential Republican candidate, a ninja, a mohawked punk, some from DJ Jazzy Jeff's posse circa 1989, a pirate, a hippie, a magic eight-ball, a white Korean schoolgirl, and a fully grown adult who voluntarily attached several balloons to his clothes with scotch tape.

We decided to split off into smaller groups composed of the least provocative combination of costumes, but for some reason, my group (I was with the ninja) still couldn't catch a break with a taxi. Finally, I had to hide behind a tree, and when one brave cab driver reluctantly stopped to pick up the ninja, I sprung from the shadows and into the taxi. Now I know how a black person in America must feel: like an anthropomorphic bunch of grapes in Korea.

Hope everyone had a GRAPE HALLOWEEN. I know I did.

Too many hugs.

BONUS ROUND: post your Halloween costume in the comments!


  1. CHRIS YOU ARE HILARIOUS! I love it. I was a pirate with a big green styrofoam hat.

  2. Oh NOOO that is too funny! i wish i could have seen Chris in the bushes. Glad you had friends to be goofy with !

  3. I dressed up as the stick figure icon from men's restroom signs. I strategically chose celebration locations within walking distance to avoid the taxi issue. Unfortunately, I neglected to design my costume for walking long distances. Confound it!

    You guys had great costumes. Chris, how did you hold up against people who believe balloons should be popped for comedy?

  4. Mr. McCoy - you are hilarious! keep writing. Miss you, my gay lover who is not gay nor am I, really, I'm not gay. really.


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